Fiddler: capture Android traffic

This post notes the steps required in December 2020 to get Fiddler Everywhere to capture traffic coming from an Android phone (on the same network).

Computer: Windows 10, IP:
Phone: Nexus 5X (Android 8.1.0), IP:

On the computer:

  1. Install Fiddler Everywhere on the computer
  2. Enable remote connections in Fiddler
    • Go to Settings > Connections > Allow remote computers to connect
  3. Show Client IP column and set a Contains filter:
  4. Enable HTTPS tracing:
    • Go to Settings > HTTPS > Click Trust root certificate
    • Press [Yes] in the Windows Security Warning pop-up
    • Check the Capture HTTPS traffic checkbox

On the phone:

  1. Set the phone to use Fiddler as a proxy:
    • Go to Wi-Fi > Modify Network > Advanced options > Proxy > Manual
    • Proxy hostname:
    • Proxy port: 8866
  2. Install the Fiddler CA certificate:
    • Use a browser to go to: http://ipv4.fiddler:8866
    • Download the certificate
    • Enter a certificate name (e.g. Fiddler) and press Save
  3. Test the setup by visiting
    • Confirm the Fiddler certificate is being used (as below)
Visiting Wikipedia using the Fiddler certificate



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